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Who We Are

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A few things about Paul

Paul has spent his whole life working with glass. He is the holder of several patents for his inventions in glass held in the UK and USA.
Paul has worked in Glass from the age of 19 and owned his first factory at age 21 that employed 12 people.
Paul is a renowned International Glass Expert and was invited by UK Government to comment on fitting energy efficient glass under a Government programme called 'RetroFit for the Future'

For 10 years owned in Bristol UK a 2 million pound Research and Development facility. Taking glass concepts and ideas through to production with products sold under licence around the world. One such product invented was “Therma Crystal Glass” Therma Crystal Glass is being used throughout the world because of it’s high strength and decorative properties in Front Doors, Garage Doors and kitchen cupboard doors. Currently it is being manufactured at NovaTech in Montreal. This type of glass has been used in over 250,000 doors.

Our Work